Tree & Fish Sale

The Will/South Cook Soil & Water Conservation District conducts a Tree and Fish Sale in the Spring and Fall of each year. In addition to being a fund raiser for the SWCD, landowners are offered excellent quality stock and reasonable pricing.  Most of our customers have patronized our event for years and anticipate each sale.

The SWCD offers a large variety of potted trees, shrubs, evergreens, perennials and groundcovers. Fruit trees are especially popular. All items are pre-ordered and picked up at the District office in New Lenox. Order forms will be available online a few weeks before each sale.  A PDF containing tree descriptions can be found on the "Publications, Resources and Links" page of this website.

The fish sale, which is also very popular, offers land owners an opportunity to stock their ponds. A variety of fish are available including the Triploid Grass Carp, known for its biological weed control. The fish are also pre-ordered and picked-up at the District office in New Lenox. The customer should consider using coolers, 5 gallon buckets, garbage containers or Rubbermaid totes for transporting their fish. When purchasing catfish, pond owners MUST provide their own pond water for transport. Fish order forms will also be available online a few weeks before the sale.

Stocking reccomendations and other information can be found in a booklet titled Management of Small Lakes and Ponds in Illinois which can also be found on the "Publications, Resources and Links page of this website.


Tree & Fish Order Form Download PDF